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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lets Be Real...

The reason I have not blogged is because I have ate out almost every meal and I am drinking a ton of coke! I was at least going to the gym, swimming, and playing racket-ball twice a week. But I haven't even done that this week.

Good news is the gym wasn't so bad. In fact it was good. I really liked the treadmill and can see how I could challenge myself a lil more every time I go. The elliptical was good stayed on longer than I thought I could. The weight machines I really like, well at least the ones I know how to use. Some of them look very complicated. But I have a goal to learn to use those by ppl watching.

I took my 10 year old for his check up he was 5'4 and 157lbs and a BMI of 27. To be in the normal (High normal) He needs to lose 17lbs. I always feel ppl think I pick on my son about his weight, they say it is because he is a "growing boy" But I just feel like I am looking out for him and his well-being. I dont want him to be like me but really he is so for us I have to change.

I have been so out of touch even with myself, I have made no list hardly cleaned my house and just basically been running the roads the last 2 months. I really need to get it together! My house is not bad but it has not been good either. The last couple of days I have been cleaning a lot more so not finished but almost. I just need to keep it that way.

One thing I have decided is that my youngest (he is 9) need to clean the bathroom daily! He pees on the toilet and floor! Talk about nasty!!! I really dont get how he misses he came out with a huge thingy, had all the nurses talking, so I know it not that he cant grab it and aim! But from now on he will be on hands and knees cleaning that bathroom. He is old enough to know better even with his ADHD and PDD.

My goals for this week are..
* Go to the Gym 2x
* Drink 100 oz of water a day
* Take my meds everyday
* Write down my to-do list
* Write down my food on fitaday
* Get both kids to do their chores every day
* Keep up with laundry.
* Blog 2x a week
* Blog about my finds weekly
* Get back on the scale next week!

Wondering do you have a way to keep on track that works for you?