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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Still At 321

So sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, I was very sick with female troubles like none other I have ever dealt with! I have turned a corner and after almost 3 weeks I am getting better, Still weighing in at 321lbs.

I guess I am ok with that. Dont get me wrong I am not happy with myself. I just use the excuse that it is the holidays and lets move on. I will beat 321lbs! That is my main goal is to get down in the 3 teens. After that I will have yet another mini goal. I dont mind losing weight slowly, maybe not this slow but as long as I am going in the right direction I am better than I was. I am not losing 20lbs a week but hopefully soon I will be losing a lil bit every week.

It is almost new years which means new and old resolutions! And I am so excited to make them and also stick to them. I am committed to doing better for myself and my family.
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Week Later..

Nothings really changed, I am still weighing in at 321'lbs. Although I am taking my meds everyday, that is more than likely the reason for this last week. I have been feeling very very blah. My house even got to the point were I was scared someone might come over! In fact someone did knock on my door! Luckly it was just my youngest sons church driver and he doesn't come in. But after that happened I got up and cleaned the whole house.

It has been months cents I let my house get so dirty that I was afraid of someone dropping by. It is so nice to have your house "guest ready"! And that will be one of my goals. I know it sounds like that has nothing to do with weight loss but for me it does. For me a clean house lets me clear my head to focus on the weight loss. Plus who don't love a clean house and it can burn a few calories!

Until I get used to my meds again I expect to feel pretty dazed and funky. But after that Ill be fine and back to normal. I am still afraid to go to the gym. I am still drinking coke although much less. I had a 2L yesterday but other than that 1 I haven't had that much in the last week.

The sandwich diet I have talked about before is in the works so to speak. I am trying but I had some hamburger to use up so I cooked a couple of burgers and made some chili and some taco meat that I already ate. The good news is I learned my youngest will eat chili If I put mac and cheese in it! We had some mac and cheese my husband had made and the chili so after 2 days of not eating my chili I put the mac in it and my youngest finely ate it! I still had a lot left even after us eating on it for a few days so I bagged it up for the freezer in 2 portions each. Now I have about 5 suppers for the kids for when mommy is eating her sandwiches.

If I could cook batch meals once a week like that my kids will be eating great! I am very in to batch cooking right now but eating sandwiches has put a big kink in that. But I can still do it for my kids so they can have hearty healthy meals.

My goals are..
Keep home ''company ready"
Lose 2 pound this week 319
Eat more sandwiches
Batch cook one meal this week
Drink even less coke.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What To Post?

That I have bin binge eating for 4 of the last 5 days.
That I have felt horrid for all of those days.
That I have learned that the way I used to eat everyday I now consider binge eating.
Or maybe that on top of all that binge eating really breaks the bank!

But I am back on the horse, saddle, or wagon! As of yesterday. The last time I posted I was around 316lbs. In the middle/end of my binge I got on the scale and weighed in at 329lbs! That is 13lbs I gained! I think about 8 pounds or so was water weight from not taking my meds. I have now took my meds 2 days in a row and I weighed in at 321lbs. That is still 5 pounds up from before.

I also stopped food journal-ing, of course I would stop who wants to look or know all that. Eating Chinese food 3 times in 4 days is not cool! But man is it good! lol So I am going to get back to that. I dont care who you are you are never more aware of what goes in your mouth than when you have to journal it and know every calorie you put their!

My goals are to
keep taking my meds!
Walk to and from school to pick my kids up.
Journal ALL my food intake.
Blog it!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daily Stats!

* My Blood sugar is 198
* My weight is ???
* My Fat grams intake is 87
* My calorie intake is 1,116
* My carb Intake is 20

This would be a good day if I was low carbing but I am not. I need to go shopping. I also need to use up some things that I have. When I do go shopping I want to buy low fat. I went for a walk this moroning and it was just under 30 degrees. I did 2 loads of clothes hung the out to dry, then took a nap. I started taking my meds again and my fluid pill always makes me feel like crap. So I have been lying around feeling sorry for myself.

I am gong to wait a few days to get back on the scale I want it to go down some more. If I was to look right now I would be up a few pounds I am sure.  I am off to bed!

Going for a walk.

I am going on a walk this morning and it is almost 30 degrees outside. I am going to try to get back on track today! It is a new day and a new month! This month is not only Christmas it is also the month I turn the big 3-0 as in thirty! I want a new style of life so I can have thirty more years and watch my grand kids grow up that would be awesome.

yall have a great day! Ill be back later.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Binge eating.

* My Blood sugar is 333
* My weight is ???
* My Fat grams intake is 92
* My calorie intake is 2632
* My carb Intake is 268

Wow this is so crazy, yesterday I was not that hungry today I ate ate and ate. Started with breakfast I got a pancakes with sausage from McDonald's (almost 700 calories) Then for lunch my husband took me to the Chinese buffet (1400 calories?) Supper and snack was another 500 calories.

You know what they should have a Chinese buffet diet! I am so trademarking that right now! I dont know a fat person alive that would not put out their hard earned money on that diet. Too bad it would not work! Because that would be awesome! Rice diet lmao!

I did do a lot of walking to day, first shopping with my husband for a couple of hours then I did my brisk walk to pick up my young-ens. My husband gave me the your crazy look for walking to get the kids. I just dont know what the heck is wrong with ppl I am the crazy one for walking? I dont think so you drive half a minute to the store right across the street! DO NOT look at me like I am the crazy one!

Oh and a drank a 2 liter and a large coke from mcdonalds. So not only did I binge eat I binge drank also. I know one reason is because I am still not taking my meds. I will have to get back into the routine of that. Another reason was not eating enough calories yesterday, also not enough sleep. But the biggest reason was I should have stayed out of the restaurants!

Here is to tomorrow being a lot better day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Tuesday Stats.

* My Blood sugar is 267
* My weight is 316
* My Fat grams intake is 27
* My calorie intake is 803
* My carb Intake is 113

I'm am so scared to weigh my self tomorrow because when you lose 5lbs In one day, you pretty much know you are screwed the next day. Right? But you never know with me I might hop on the scale tonight. IDK

I went for my walk today and tried a brisker pace. It was cold and drizzly but I went anyway. I got itchy leg syndrome if you don't know what that is , it is were your capillaries expand from the exercise and it make your legs itch like crazy. It kinda burns too. But I did burn close to 300 calories today!

My calories was so low today because I wasn't very hungry which is very strange for me. I basicaly skipped breakfast and had a ham sandwich with only mustard for Lunch. For super I had a 1.5 ounce hamburger patty plain no bun the fat squished out of it (does anybody else do this?) and about 4 ounces of rice with about a teaspoon of veg oil spread. And for Snack I had 3 of my sons lays chips yum. 

Patting Myself On The Back

I weighed in this morning at 316lbs! That is a 5lb weight loss in one day, and a 6lb weight loss in 2 days. This is the lowest weight I have been sense I met my husband 6 years ago. I am so excited!

 I was thinking id love to go to a tanning bed but of course I am to fat for a regular bed So I would need a stand up bed. Going tanning would be so embarrassing, But the benefits from being tan would far out weigh that. Benefits being the vitamin D that could help with depression, also A tan makes me feel so much better about the way I look so that is a huge plus and a motivation to keep me on track with my diet.

My last post I said I needed a new goal, so my new goal is a food journal. I started out using myplate but I really really like My Fitness Pal. It seem super easy to use and they will count any exercise that you can think of even just house cleaning. The Myplate website would not let me count cooking or cleaning for a exercise. I like to think every little thing counts and Myfitness pal lets me think that.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Being Silly.

Source eww I know

I am super duper excited 321lbs a 1 pound weight loss! I know it is silly but the way I have been eating, not only for Thanksgiving but leftovers also. I just knew I would be up about 5 pounds or so Just from that. Add in (TMI ALERT) Not taking my meds last week, which means I eat constantly without my lexapro and without my metformin I am backed up. Sorry.

I said yesterday I was taking a break from the scale but I just could not do It. I had a large glass of tea and some turkey and half a turkey sandwich, Before I decided to hop on the scale this morning. I usually like to hit the scale first thing after I pee in the morning.

This Motivates me! I really need a large amount of motivation. I also need a mini goal. I think I will go figure that out right now. Have a great day everybody!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Tried To Join 3 Fat Chicks..

But apparently in march 2010 I had already registered.
I had uploaded this picture.

I also Already had a start weight and a (first) goal weight.
My start weight was 367 (choke me) my first goal weight was....
330 I passed it already!

Just to see what -45lbs lost looks like

And just to let yall know My new (second) weight loss goal is 299lbs! Thats 23lbs Which is a lot but I am going to take it 1lb at a time.

Speaking of pounds I am on a scale strike for the next few days. I will not sabotage myself by looking at a post thanksgiving scale. It's my blog and I'll do what I want to.

BTW be ready my brand new Nikon is on the way and I will be a picture taken fool. 

Life On The Scales Blog

Life on the scales blog.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just a quick post!

I hit 322lbs this Morning! What is even better that was my after breakfast weight! I had forgot to weigh myself when I got up this morning. I did have a 2lt of coke today, I know :-( But It was more because I needed the energy. I had taken a nap and when I woke up I ran to the store. Actually I walked to the store. Something I have been doing more and more of lately.

It is very nice to get where you are going on your own two legs. I know ppl in other parts of the world/country it is normal to walk bike everywhere, but not where I am from. The only way to walk around here is trails and tracks for exercise. If you walk to get you from A to B then You are a poor person with out a car. Ok That may be a little over the top but it is what I think others think.

Speaking of walking their is this gym/community center about a 10 minute walk from me. Now call me crazy but by the time I walk their I still have to walk back home so I am afraid of over doing it in the gym. Well hell I am afraid of the gym anyway. But I know I need to go.

Ok I am going to go google "how to get over your GYM fears".   

Monday, November 21, 2011

I Wanna..

Be doing this!

Let me just say I got down to 322lbs then went all the way up to 329lbs! I was like ohhh nooo brakes on I am not hitting the 330's again! So I am back to 324lbs, a couple more to go before I get back to 322lbs and 5 to go before I hit the 3 teens!

I am still drinking coke but I may have a new diet plan I can stick with for next month. It is called the sandwich diet. Bread and lean meats is something I think I can do!

I have been taking my meds even with my hair falling out because of my thyroid med, I feel good.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why is it?

Why is it so hard to quit cokes and tea? I haven't even tried to stop yet and it is already driving me nuts, to the point I am downing large amounts of coke. I am rationalizing not quitting! For real?  Yep! I cant believe how much harder this seems than quitting smoking. I have quit many times and never lasted very long. I wanna quit for good. If I do quit I have learned something about addiction that may seem common scents to everybody but me, Just one or just once is way to much if you quit, quit forever. You can not think oh it has been 2 years ill just have one puff. Ya that one puff equals 14 months of buying $ 4 and $5 packs of smokes for me. That one drink is never only one!

So when I do quit it will be my last! I will buy the $1.49 bottled waters when I am out and need a drink! I will quit even though I have a few more goals I could work on first like writing my food down or using my fitness pal again. This might be hard but I believe in me. One day at a time and if I fail off the wagon get back up!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am stuck!

I have been stuck @ 325 for a couple of months. I feel stuck their but the truth is if I worked harder or ate better I would lose more weight. I am thinking I always wanna rush and lose as much weight as possible. It would be wise of me to take this slow for a change.

 I can see how I would do better with one change at a time but then again it is hard for me to go slow when my BFF loses 40 lbs in 2 weeks! Way to go bev! I told her she should start her own blog. Even If no one reads it. Going slow is so much different than pulling a 180 with you body and shocking it in to losing weight, that without permanent change you will gain right back.

So I wanna do minor Changes one at a time. I did quit smoking, this was change number one. I already know quitting is not good for losing weight, but ya know what, I feel better and smell better so that is good. Next up is my drinking sugar and caffeine, is my down fall and I would bet a big part of my weight problem.

So I am going to set a date right now of the 3rd to go cold turkey on the drinks and only drink non flavored water unless it is pure lemon no sweeteners. I say the 3rd because I get paid and can get my favorite waters and to give myself time between these large changes! Also I am not saying no to other kids of sweets only what I am drinking because to me that part is huge!

I am even going to get my husband in on that band wagon, he hates to be denied anything so it will be very hard for him. But if I don't he will bring home cokes and make tea and I just cant do it without him being on board. I need to be strong!

Here is a few pics

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Me @ 339lbs :-(
I look so prego.

Goals and Rewards!

*10lbs = Hair cut!
*20lbs = Eyebrows waxed!
*30lbs = Mani/ Pedi
*40lbs = New not on sale super cute outfit!
*50lbs = 2 day staycation no kids!  
*60lbs = New under clothes cute ones!
*75lbs = whole new wardrobe!
*100lbs= Motorcycle!

Wow I can't wait! BTW I hope im rich by 75 and 100lbs! lol

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I ate my first day!

Breakfast   cal: 420  carbs: 88
Sonic - Small Tator Tots, 1 serving
Sonic - Lg Sweet Tea, 32 oz        

Lunch  cal: 400 carbs: 10
Chicken Breast Lunch Meat, 1 container (yes that does say container)

Dinner cal: 566  carbs: 42 
Steak - Homemade - Ribeye Steak on the Grille, 3 oz King's Hawaiian - Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, 1 roll Chef Salad (Ham & Turkey, Cheddar Cheese on Lettuce), 0.5 Sala Keebler Club Crackers, 8 crackers

Snacks cal: 168 carbs: 2 
Fried Pork Skins, 1 oz. Watermelon ,

calories 1,554
Carbs 142
fat  52
protein 99            

Ways to do better tomorrow, cut out the tea, tatter tots, roll and crackers! They killed me on my carbs today, I want to stay under a 100 but honestly this is so much better than a normal day.                         

A Fresh Start at Life on the Scales!

The first thing I want to say is I love my blog name! Life on the scales, is me my life and it totally fits! As you know not much does these days! lol Ive done the low fat diet before subway diet to be exact I lost over 70lbs in 3 months that was with cheese and mayo!

So why now after all these years can I not stick with low fat? Why do I just keep getting bigger? Why did it take me till now to try something different? By now I mean so out of shape it scary, will I die today scary.  Lets be real that is scary to wounder how long you have to be a parent to your half grown kids, wishing you can make it till they can take care of themselves. but also knowing you will never make it like this. Hoping I see next year.

Well I have decided to go low carb and see how well that works for me. I do love my carbs but we will see. I have signed up for all of these weight loss sites like myfitnesspal and sparkpeople and lose it and a few more over the years.

So I found what I need from each one but it would be nice to have everything in one site but for now I am going to use myfitnesspal because its the easiest to track my food and also the nutrition info seems to be right on the money were some of the others were way off.

I also found another site that has great recipes for my low carb diet, called fat-secret. I love this site Im like I can eat that yumm! But seeing how this is the first time Im really looking in to low carb their may be better sights out their that I will stumble across.

My short term goals are
Dont Drink My cal/carbs! Water....
Post my weight in the morning, Last weight was 348lbs
Come up with and post long term goals
Post what I eat and what I want to eat for the next day.
post pictures and video!
Just lose it!