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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 8

No make up 

So I um have gained weight? I kinda knew it would happen but I really thought it would be a pound or two not 7! But I am drinking lots of water and I am not eating carbs! Well not many carbs, usually under 10 a day.  So to recap I lost 12 and gained back 7 in week one. I got on the scale this morning to see I had magically lost 5 pounds over night!  So Back at 10lb loss this week not shabby!

Not really sure what is going on with my body but I hope I can continue to lose weight. I was heart broken to see 312lbs last night. This morning I was 307, Can I tell you how excited I am to almost be in the two hundreds! I cant wait! Super excited! Lowest I have got was 305lb, but here is to hoping this week is the week!

My diabetes is Off the charts better than it was I am in the 140 range when "before" (I think ill be saying this a lot :-) it was around 350's. So one of the side effects of dropping blood sugar like that is loss of vision. This is not good in any way I am scared out my damn mind. I have on 3.50 reading glasses, I cant see and details my computer is set to 175 zoom. In the past when this has happened (never this bad) It has gotten better with time.  And I hope and pray to god, Really pray with everything I have this gets a lest a lil better.

I am just to the point were I am ready for this weight to start falling off! I know I need to exercise but my energy aint their yet, I still feel a lil off.  My cravings are getting a lil worse I think. Could be my own falt, I had my biggest craving today day 8. I went to Sonic "The drink stop" were I used to go everyday for a large coke and man oh man did the coke look good in the picture! I was panting. I rember the taste and the feel of a fresh coke. I need to get over it. I hope one day really soon Ill say coke? Yuck! Do you know how bad for you coke is? lol But not today, today I drool. BTW I got water!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 5

Sausage Patties - Swaggerty's Farm Mild Country Sausage - Sausage Patty, 5 Patty 700 5g 65g 25g
125mg 1,100mg  0g 0g
Oscar Mayer - Bacon, Hardwood Smoked, 6 slices 210 0g 18g 12g 45mg 870mg 0g 0g
Homemade - Fried Egg (Pam), 1 large egg 75 0g 5g 6g 212mg 65mg 0g 0g
Mc Donald's - Mc Double Plain No Cheese, No Bun, 3 pc 540 0g 39g 45g 165mg 750mg 0g 0g
Chicken - Grilled Breast Strips, 1.25 oz 90 0g 3g 20g 25mg 0mg 0g 0g
Steamed - Frozen Broccoli Florets, 0.5 cup 13 2g 0g 1g 0mg 10mg 1g 1g
Velveta - Cheese, 1 oz 80 3g 5g 4g 20mg 370mg 2g 0g

TOTAL: 1,708 10g 135g  113g 592mg 3,165mg 3g 1g

Very hungry today Dont know if I will stay this hungry I hope not! I had 10 carbs which is way more than I wanted but to late now I will know better next time.  And just so you know I had breakfast then I had left over breakfast. ahhhh pulling my hair out. Have not stepped on a scale because I ate like this and I have been drinking pounds and pounds of water!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 3 And I Am OK.

Well day 3 really started off good so far I was thirsty and just a lil bit hungry. I actually turned a corner last night about 8 P.M. I was able to drink a whole glass of water and had 3 pieces of cheese.  When I woke up this morning I grilled a couple of pork-chops to get me threw the day.I was only able to eat a couple of bites.

I am so glad to be able to eat and drink again! In reality I knew I could go for a long time with out eating or drinking, but I was really scared I was going to have complications. My children were such a blessing. They really helped take care of not only themselves but me too. I am one proud mom with a very dirty house! lol They had park clean up at their after school program and my son found one of those Chinese hand stress balls and wrapped it to give me, so Id feel better, he is so sweet.

I plan on going shopping today And buying some no carb foods. I apparently did not get the memo that I should have done that before I started not after. Also a big issue is all the bad food in my house I cant get rid of it, their are 3 other ppl in my house that eats it.

I had a light bulb go off I am going to get my own cabinet and my own shelves in the fridge and freezer!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Not Giving up!

I am down to 309 that is 8 pounds in 2 days. I cant eat or drink. My meds I have been trying to take for this horrid headache are lost shortly after I take them.I just cant keep anything down. 2 days of headaches. I hope tomorrow is better. The good news is I am done with carbs sugar and caffeine! All at once. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Have Done It!

I have quit Drinking coke and eating carbs!I am on hour 27 or so and I feel like crap! I have a headache and I'm nauseous. But The point is I am doing it! My blood sugar went from 455 to 238 down to 186 in the last day. The reason other than my diet is my dr put me on a new med.

I am not hungry or thirsty. I should  drink a ton of water but I cant even bring myself to drink 1 cup of water. Well I'm out be back soon, I Hope!

Me this a.m. Down 1 pound already!