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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why is it?

Why is it so hard to quit cokes and tea? I haven't even tried to stop yet and it is already driving me nuts, to the point I am downing large amounts of coke. I am rationalizing not quitting! For real?  Yep! I cant believe how much harder this seems than quitting smoking. I have quit many times and never lasted very long. I wanna quit for good. If I do quit I have learned something about addiction that may seem common scents to everybody but me, Just one or just once is way to much if you quit, quit forever. You can not think oh it has been 2 years ill just have one puff. Ya that one puff equals 14 months of buying $ 4 and $5 packs of smokes for me. That one drink is never only one!

So when I do quit it will be my last! I will buy the $1.49 bottled waters when I am out and need a drink! I will quit even though I have a few more goals I could work on first like writing my food down or using my fitness pal again. This might be hard but I believe in me. One day at a time and if I fail off the wagon get back up!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am stuck!

I have been stuck @ 325 for a couple of months. I feel stuck their but the truth is if I worked harder or ate better I would lose more weight. I am thinking I always wanna rush and lose as much weight as possible. It would be wise of me to take this slow for a change.

 I can see how I would do better with one change at a time but then again it is hard for me to go slow when my BFF loses 40 lbs in 2 weeks! Way to go bev! I told her she should start her own blog. Even If no one reads it. Going slow is so much different than pulling a 180 with you body and shocking it in to losing weight, that without permanent change you will gain right back.

So I wanna do minor Changes one at a time. I did quit smoking, this was change number one. I already know quitting is not good for losing weight, but ya know what, I feel better and smell better so that is good. Next up is my drinking sugar and caffeine, is my down fall and I would bet a big part of my weight problem.

So I am going to set a date right now of the 3rd to go cold turkey on the drinks and only drink non flavored water unless it is pure lemon no sweeteners. I say the 3rd because I get paid and can get my favorite waters and to give myself time between these large changes! Also I am not saying no to other kids of sweets only what I am drinking because to me that part is huge!

I am even going to get my husband in on that band wagon, he hates to be denied anything so it will be very hard for him. But if I don't he will bring home cokes and make tea and I just cant do it without him being on board. I need to be strong!

Here is a few pics