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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I ate my first day!

Breakfast   cal: 420  carbs: 88
Sonic - Small Tator Tots, 1 serving
Sonic - Lg Sweet Tea, 32 oz        

Lunch  cal: 400 carbs: 10
Chicken Breast Lunch Meat, 1 container (yes that does say container)

Dinner cal: 566  carbs: 42 
Steak - Homemade - Ribeye Steak on the Grille, 3 oz King's Hawaiian - Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, 1 roll Chef Salad (Ham & Turkey, Cheddar Cheese on Lettuce), 0.5 Sala Keebler Club Crackers, 8 crackers

Snacks cal: 168 carbs: 2 
Fried Pork Skins, 1 oz. Watermelon ,

calories 1,554
Carbs 142
fat  52
protein 99            

Ways to do better tomorrow, cut out the tea, tatter tots, roll and crackers! They killed me on my carbs today, I want to stay under a 100 but honestly this is so much better than a normal day.                         

A Fresh Start at Life on the Scales!

The first thing I want to say is I love my blog name! Life on the scales, is me my life and it totally fits! As you know not much does these days! lol Ive done the low fat diet before subway diet to be exact I lost over 70lbs in 3 months that was with cheese and mayo!

So why now after all these years can I not stick with low fat? Why do I just keep getting bigger? Why did it take me till now to try something different? By now I mean so out of shape it scary, will I die today scary.  Lets be real that is scary to wounder how long you have to be a parent to your half grown kids, wishing you can make it till they can take care of themselves. but also knowing you will never make it like this. Hoping I see next year.

Well I have decided to go low carb and see how well that works for me. I do love my carbs but we will see. I have signed up for all of these weight loss sites like myfitnesspal and sparkpeople and lose it and a few more over the years.

So I found what I need from each one but it would be nice to have everything in one site but for now I am going to use myfitnesspal because its the easiest to track my food and also the nutrition info seems to be right on the money were some of the others were way off.

I also found another site that has great recipes for my low carb diet, called fat-secret. I love this site Im like I can eat that yumm! But seeing how this is the first time Im really looking in to low carb their may be better sights out their that I will stumble across.

My short term goals are
Dont Drink My cal/carbs! Water....
Post my weight in the morning, Last weight was 348lbs
Come up with and post long term goals
Post what I eat and what I want to eat for the next day.
post pictures and video!
Just lose it!