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Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Food And My Kids Food.

Beef fat with a lot of meat left on.
 I get this for 99c a pound! Score!

Grilled chicken 2 eggs and a lil bacon.

Bacon grilled chicken with butter and hot sauce.

Now what I am feeding my kids.
Mushrooms, olives, strawberry, pineapple,
 grapes, and some wheat cracker chips

Wheat Flat bread sammie with chicken, pepperoni, 
spinach, romaine, carrots, an tomato's.

grilled chicken salad with everything you could think of!

Wheat tortia pb banana wrap.

Kitchen sink Omelet.

Making that omelet.

I am not to pleased with all the bread I am giving my kids, But my oldest son had a low sugar spell when I went full on paleo on him, and it really worried me so now I am just going to take the bread away a lot slower and give more fruit.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Low and no carb Breakfast!

My weight was back up this a.m. To 336, although I did not eat much yesterday. I did have some cheese just because I was hungry and wanting a snack. I need to hit up the store for a lot of meat and veggies. I will cook meat for me and a relaxed Paleo type diet for my kids.

I have been walking on my treadmill every day a quarter of a mile in 5 min about a 3mph pace. Thank gosh the dang thing can hold my fat butt! lol Its weight limit is 275lbs! woops! My kids use it a lot also! I
am definitely getting my $30 worth that is for sure. 

I got my treadmill off a facebook yard sale website. She wanted 150 obo I offered $50 and because she did not know how to use it she said I could have it for $30. Score! They still sell it at for around 550 I think it was. I love the fact that it folds up!

That is my TKO punching bag and jump rope behind the treadmill
I use them a few times a week.

Son number 1 Breakfast yesterday

Skinny son #2 lol Just trying to use up the carby stuff, that and he asked.

Shared this bacon with my husband, he got the 3 big non fatty pieces.
This is wright brand ends and Pieces bacon I love it.

lol cute

I am almost out of eggs!

Everyone had the same breakfast  this am.
I got free eggs and sausage from Kroger.  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Food totals for the day!

A Big Goal....

 My weight this a.m. is 333lbs!!! Back to were I started from a few weeks ago now. My husband says I look like I have lost weight! He is so sweet. Last time I did No Carb I started at 317lbs and got down to 303lbs before it had crept back up to 318lbs when I quit.

 Eating a high fat high carb diet was no fun. It was guilt every time I put something in my mouth or in my cart at the grocery store. I would come up with an excuse for if someone where to see me with what I call NON real food.  It was doing something wrong all the time, It did not feel to good.

 So basically I gained 15lbs in just a few months in-between my no carb diets. All I want in this world right now is to get below 300lbs. I wanna see that 299lbs. I know it dont seem like a big goal but for me it is huge. My husbands never even seen me under 300lbs and I for one thank it is time he does. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Turkey And My No Carb Totals!!!

Click to enlarge.

My food totals. Let's  just say I am stuffed!

All clean

Butter and herbed up!

Got the chicken stock!

4 hours later
Before it was browned.

Not sure why But this did not end up looking like my other one at all!
My husband took it out soon than I would have like, but we had kids to feed an he was ready. I think it could of used a lil more browning in my opinion.

Oh So Happy!!!!

Know what I weigh? 334! And that was after breakfast! That is 5lbs down in 2 days! wahoo! I hope like crazy this is real weight loss and it keeps going down. I don't even mind if it go's really slow. I just know any is better than none or a gain!

Today is gonna be an awesome day food wise. I have those beef short ribs (heaven), and I have a turkey ready to go in the oven! I was gonna save it for thanksgiving but my husband said lets cook it, so who am I to argue! I am gonna eat the crap out that turkey. My mom is on a low-carb diet so I think Ill give her some as well.

This is my Turkey recipe and I would never stray from it, it is that good!
This is actually my photo, I uploaded to for this Turkey.
This was the best looking turkey I ever made. We will see if today's can compare.

My blood sugar was 313 this morning but 211 5 hours later, I guess even a lil banana can harm me a lot. But really I would think after 2 plus weeks of VLC my blood sugar would be way down! It started at like 360, I think around their.

More turkey pictures to come!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Food Totals!

This is a much better way to post my food totals. Btw this is more carbs in 1 day than I have had all week long combined.

Random Low No Carb Post

Blood pressure is 97/87, pulse 76,  Blood sugar 212
1/3 of a mile on the treadmill about 50 calories burned

My food for the day is...
6 fried eggs (not all at once lol)
2 oz bacon
bulletproof coffee
pat of real butter
3 beef hot dogs
1/3 of a banana (I felt very sick thought it might be low bs or just bs dropping to fast)
2 bites of skinless chicken breast, I might finish later.
Calories 1460, carbs 10 banana:-(, fat 134, protein 55,
Sorry no picture order here.

Brisket steak yumm $2.48 a pound plus lots of fat.

This was supposed to be my supper not sure if I will finish it.

This is in the oven doing it thang. Yes I said Thang lol

My thanksgiving decor.

Update restart Zero Carbs

I came to update my blog and found all my pictures gone.  Not sure I want to continue to use blogger. Those pictures mean a great deal to me. I was really documenting my life in a way. My other blog had years of pictures I am so sad!

I did do my no carb diet for a total of 2 months. I gave up because I never lost any weight. 3 months later I am back on the wagon. I am trying to say I do not care about the weight loss this time I just want to feel good again. Which is true but 2 weeks in and I have gained 6 pounds that is hard right their. But I have this fabulous energy and my keto stick is dark purple  I still feel kinda funky but I am getting better by the day I think. I have bought a treadmill and have used the punching bad a few times. Defiantly getting out more and playing with the kids more.

My sleep is starting to get back to normal no carb mode which is about 10-6. instead of 2-12 or 1. Right now it is 2am and I just woke up wide awake.  I have been having bad mood swings today I was in a rage for a good bit and ppl driving really pissed me off. especially when I am trying to get over and they speed up to block me that is rude! I could understand if I was trying to cut line or something but That happen twice to me today and I was so mad I just got over anyway and put my brakes on.
My starting weight this time was 333 right now I am at 339. You know I dont want to hit that 340!

Prego belly I am surprised I don't get ask how far along I am.
I think id deserve it.

I think their are things in my jacket pocket. not sure what besides keys.

Ryan is still down a bunch from his Paleo diet.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just noticed I haven't updated, still going strong.

Even though I haven't cheated I am still stuck weight loss wise @ 2lbs! Oh so frustrating it has been a month and nothing scale or size wise!  I am almost ok with this although I have had a few moments of "what for" I have had cravings with these moments. Thoughts of carb binge-ing. Also smoking cravings, I just think why be so good if Its not helping!

I feel good, is this not something? It is. It is a big something, but when You are 315lbs and "should" be losing huge pounds every week, that gets pushed in a corner for that self pity moment.

I do feel good I have had a few dizzy spells but other than that I have been fine. I am not loaded with energy or anything. I just feel fine.

Here are some pics from last Monday I should have already posted.

Me getting ready to have the time of my life roller skating.
I had so much Fun!

Not seeing much of a change. Hopefully soon!