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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just noticed I haven't updated, still going strong.

Even though I haven't cheated I am still stuck weight loss wise @ 2lbs! Oh so frustrating it has been a month and nothing scale or size wise!  I am almost ok with this although I have had a few moments of "what for" I have had cravings with these moments. Thoughts of carb binge-ing. Also smoking cravings, I just think why be so good if Its not helping!

I feel good, is this not something? It is. It is a big something, but when You are 315lbs and "should" be losing huge pounds every week, that gets pushed in a corner for that self pity moment.

I do feel good I have had a few dizzy spells but other than that I have been fine. I am not loaded with energy or anything. I just feel fine.

Here are some pics from last Monday I should have already posted.

Me getting ready to have the time of my life roller skating.
I had so much Fun!

Not seeing much of a change. Hopefully soon!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Discouraged Big Time Day 18

I am on day 18 and I have gained all the weight back but 2 pounds! I have not one good reason why I have gained weight. I have stuck to my diet, so that is not why. I will continue on my diet and hopefully will find the missing link. I know I could eat a bit less. I also eat a lot of fat but I had read that was a good thing with low carb. I am hoping I am not one of those freaks that can only lose weight with a low fat diet! Wouldn't that be awful!

Getting on the scale lately has been a emotional roller coaster! I have huge mixed feelings when it comes to stepping on that "thing"! I am not giving up. I am not giving in. I am gonna keep going!

 What is so hard is my discouragement equals big cravings. I feel like I am fighting for my life and I actually am it is just to bad I have to fight myself. I wish life was a lil easier. Anyone else feel like a big douche for wishing for stuff like that when their are ppl out there so much worse off. I never do that but today I am.

Today I wish life were a lil easier for us all.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Over Heating Big Time!

Went on a family outing to have some fun.

Mine is the one waving!

I sat out in the sun way to long and ended up in the car looking like this.
Heat+ exercise = Low blood sugar!
This is after I ate and cooled off. Scared my poor mom half to death and missed out on seeing the castle :-(

So it is Monday here is my pictures I have lost 9 total pounds I am at 308.

Here is hoping for a great low carb week everyone!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


I am doing great! My total weight loss in the last 2 weeks is 7lbs! I am fine with that as long as I keep going in the same direction! Down! I went grocery shopping today, I realize it is not anymore expensive to     buy just meat and veggies and a lil fruit as it was to buy all the "junk" I was buying.  I am really excited to feed my family the Paleo way.

Sample of what I bought
* Chicken whole .69c lb (I bought 5 big ones)
* Eggs .69c a dozen (bought 4)
* Chicken tenderloin $1.99lb
* Spiral Ham On Sale .80c lb (Bought 2)
* Half Ribeye $5.99lb  ( I have ribeye for days!)

We went to a jazz fest on the square and They had all the Fair food stands. yumm. I had a beef hot dog no bun, plain. I decided it was one of those times to let the kids have whatever they wanted. One got Ice cream and one got a corn dog. Not very Paleo but we had a great time and I got lots of sun and exercise.

I think for the most part I keep making the right decisions for me, because I am learning so much about this way of eating. I love it and I just crave all the vast info out their. It is so empowering to know what I am putting in my body!

Ill have new progress pics up every Monday!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 12!

I am doing really good, but I am not losing any weight! TMI ALERT I am just now getting over tom and constipation. So hopefully I will start seeing some results!

I have been told I should do Paleo and at first I did not like it because it had carbs, but the more I read and understand the more I am in love with it! Even so it is not for me right now. If I cant lose weight with vlc (very low carb) I not gonna do much better with Paleo I don't think. But if after another week or so I am not dropping the pounds I will move on to that.

In the mean time I am feeding my kids the Paleo diet. The last two day we have had Skinless boneless baked chicken Brest, on half the plate and broccoli and Brussels on the other.

Weird side effect of VLC is I have been having dreams, I have never been able to dream. Not only am I having them but I am also remembering them, so that shows me I have more mental clarity.

Another thing that's happening is lil projects like this.

This is happening everywhere around my house on a big and small scale.
I also delivered this to my local food bank!
It is only 4 bags because I did not want to freak out my husband!
I plan on throwing out about 5 times that much if not more!

I also drove their in this!
My new car! 
It's paid for!

P.S. I went to sonic and did not have not one coke craving!