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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Well It's been a minute! I'm still fat and living my life on the scales! Im doing a low carb/paleo/starving diet! :-) Ive been stuck at 330 for awhile, down to 312 in the last 42 days i've been dieting. All I have to say is, I'm HUNGRY!!!! lol

I wish I was like other ppl who could go on a diet and lose weight with just a little change. Not me Between my PCOS, T2 Diabetes, and my thyroid I don't have it as easy. All 3 of those diagnoses make ppl gain weight. :-( I just want to be a normal person. Without all the health issues and obstacles.  

I did determine that I am indeed a food addict and I have cut out all foods that exasperate those symptoms. I made a pact that I would cut them out forever which is scary to say that!!! To never have bread? To never have sugar? WOW thats scary stuff!

I'm not as hungry all the time but i'm still hungry a lot especially as i'm taking my meds that reduce my appetite! They also make me calm and not so bitchy! lol SO I'm doing good on that front. I also got my water down pact years ago now! It's all I drink. Here is a few recent picture's of me.