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Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am stuck!

I have been stuck @ 325 for a couple of months. I feel stuck their but the truth is if I worked harder or ate better I would lose more weight. I am thinking I always wanna rush and lose as much weight as possible. It would be wise of me to take this slow for a change.

 I can see how I would do better with one change at a time but then again it is hard for me to go slow when my BFF loses 40 lbs in 2 weeks! Way to go bev! I told her she should start her own blog. Even If no one reads it. Going slow is so much different than pulling a 180 with you body and shocking it in to losing weight, that without permanent change you will gain right back.

So I wanna do minor Changes one at a time. I did quit smoking, this was change number one. I already know quitting is not good for losing weight, but ya know what, I feel better and smell better so that is good. Next up is my drinking sugar and caffeine, is my down fall and I would bet a big part of my weight problem.

So I am going to set a date right now of the 3rd to go cold turkey on the drinks and only drink non flavored water unless it is pure lemon no sweeteners. I say the 3rd because I get paid and can get my favorite waters and to give myself time between these large changes! Also I am not saying no to other kids of sweets only what I am drinking because to me that part is huge!

I am even going to get my husband in on that band wagon, he hates to be denied anything so it will be very hard for him. But if I don't he will bring home cokes and make tea and I just cant do it without him being on board. I need to be strong!

Here is a few pics

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