Self Sabotage!

Why do I self sabotage myself? Why is everytime  I get closer to being out of the 300"s I binge till I get back to my starting weight? I feel like a whale! I'm still down to 314 from 329 but I feel heavier than ever!

I've been eating kinda paleo for like 3 or 4 months. I don't think I'll ever go back to eating crap again. I just have this awesome mind set that its just not gonna happen. Kinda like when I quit soda and tea and cigarettes.

My exercising is crap!! I'm doing good in the gym but it's getting to the gym... Even if I say I'm going to go I just never get there. I'm getting a lot better at running on the treadmill!! Getting up to 6 mph!!!!

I need to set goals and stick with them. I really need to get my head together and take my meds every single day! MFP needs to become my best friend!


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