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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh So Happy!!!!

Know what I weigh? 334! And that was after breakfast! That is 5lbs down in 2 days! wahoo! I hope like crazy this is real weight loss and it keeps going down. I don't even mind if it go's really slow. I just know any is better than none or a gain!

Today is gonna be an awesome day food wise. I have those beef short ribs (heaven), and I have a turkey ready to go in the oven! I was gonna save it for thanksgiving but my husband said lets cook it, so who am I to argue! I am gonna eat the crap out that turkey. My mom is on a low-carb diet so I think Ill give her some as well.

This is my Turkey recipe and I would never stray from it, it is that good!
This is actually my photo, I uploaded to for this Turkey.
This was the best looking turkey I ever made. We will see if today's can compare.

My blood sugar was 313 this morning but 211 5 hours later, I guess even a lil banana can harm me a lot. But really I would think after 2 plus weeks of VLC my blood sugar would be way down! It started at like 360, I think around their.

More turkey pictures to come!


Dee Robinson said...

That chicken looks sooooo good!! Quick question, how did you get your diary for today posted. I haven't been able to upload it to my blog for some reason. My MFP name is Deemommiii if you would like to be buddies :) Nice blog!


Cheap&Sweet: Life on the scales said...

Thanks Dee!! I hit prt sc (print screen) Opened paint, pasted, cropped it and saved it. The I came back and uploaded it.

Dee Robinson said...

Dang, I got tired just reading that LOL!! Thank you so much for responding. Looking forward to your posts :D