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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lazy Maybe?

 I have been cleaning the house and doing laundry but I am taking a break. My husband made me breakfast this morning I think he was disappointed that I got out of bed before it was done. He made me bacon and biscuits and I loved it. I am not going to nag that I sure as hell don't need a plate of bacon which is what I ate.

I will admit my husband makes dieting hard for me. He is over weight but because I am bigger than him  I am sure he is okay with his body. He has told me many of time that He is not the one with the "problem". So why should he change.

That statement makes me wanna crack his head against the wall. Not Really I love him so much. I just have to be stronger. I have to say no to the food and the soda he brings home.

Speaking of soda OMGosh at the lil episodes I have had! Just the cravings were withdrawal like. I went to the store and was fixing me a fountain drink and I had to quit trying to open the straw and just drink from the cup, because I could not get the straw open fast enough.

I have been drinking water, that always good. Also I have been drinking a lot of oj. I know its not that good for me but I like to think I am getting some good vitamins from it. I am also doing something different when I go out to eat. I use to eat till I got so full I felt horrible, not anymore! I only eat a small amount and take home the rest. This was a big struggle for me I wanted to eat till I was done. What I did was eat a roll and my salad 3 bites of steak and one bite of my potato, and took the rest home. I loved the fact that I was not miserable after eating!

My goals to day are,

* Drink lots of water!
* Clean My home!
* Eat better!
* Take meds!

Their are no really hard goals because Id like to master the easy ones before moving on to harder ones!
I am hoping doing "better" than I was will help me, going all out, I know me I will crash and burn quick!

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