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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Ok so I got way way off track for the last month! I am kicking my self for being so close to the 200's and not fighting tooth and nail to get their. I am so upset that I have gained weight. Last time I weighed I was 321 again!

Now I am to afraid to step on the scale until I rewire my brain. What sucks the most is my largest strugal is still soda! Oh it makes me so upset. It a drink. I drink water and love it so why the big issue with soda? I cant stand that this one thing has this huge hold on me.

Well I went and weighed myself mid post and I was at 317lbs. A lot better than I thought Id be! I need a plan. I want to go to the gym but I have a very valid excuse right now and it was caused by all of my massive sugar intake. Not gonna go tmi on ya! Unless you ask me in the comments. That way you can decide to read it or not lol


Honib1 said...

well when i left my last comment I did not realize I was not on your current page... I am a diet soda drinker I have 2 a day.. do you drink diet soda? or regular tr;y a switch if you are just trying to get off all sodas .. try jazzing up your water ... wishing you much luck!

Enz said...

Hi there!

Regular pop is such a waste of sugar calories - if I'm going to eat that much sugar I'd rather have chocolate :) Have you tried switching to diet? I know there's huge controversies around artificial sweeteners, but I'm diabetic so I guarantee you the evils of sugar are far worse for you right now.

Its hard to get back on plan and rewire your brain. All you can do is one step at a time. Just do one thing today that brings you closer to your goal. You can do it!

Honib1 said...

sorry the music scared you so glad you stopped by my blog and I am going to out you on my blogroll right now.. I will keep you .. I begin my journey on Thursday .. going for metobolic testing.. the reality I should weigh between 99-105 .. I weigh 204 as of last check... But the real realty is I doubt I will ever weigh under 130.... even though I am 4'11" tall.. I am not petite.. the doctor said anything under 150 would be great.. my goal right now is 150.. and then from there who knows... after the metebolic testing on thursday I will be doing probably a 1200 calorie program .. the nutritionist has to decide what will be best... if you read back in my blog you will see I was going to join another program but just got fed up with the work trying to get into it... I felt they did not care.. so I found something better... anyways as always I wish you luck .. be brave do what you need to do... remember the rewiring begins with the first step and as long as you NEVER QUIT.. you will get to where you need to be~