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Saturday, May 5, 2012


I am doing great! My total weight loss in the last 2 weeks is 7lbs! I am fine with that as long as I keep going in the same direction! Down! I went grocery shopping today, I realize it is not anymore expensive to     buy just meat and veggies and a lil fruit as it was to buy all the "junk" I was buying.  I am really excited to feed my family the Paleo way.

Sample of what I bought
* Chicken whole .69c lb (I bought 5 big ones)
* Eggs .69c a dozen (bought 4)
* Chicken tenderloin $1.99lb
* Spiral Ham On Sale .80c lb (Bought 2)
* Half Ribeye $5.99lb  ( I have ribeye for days!)

We went to a jazz fest on the square and They had all the Fair food stands. yumm. I had a beef hot dog no bun, plain. I decided it was one of those times to let the kids have whatever they wanted. One got Ice cream and one got a corn dog. Not very Paleo but we had a great time and I got lots of sun and exercise.

I think for the most part I keep making the right decisions for me, because I am learning so much about this way of eating. I love it and I just crave all the vast info out their. It is so empowering to know what I am putting in my body!

Ill have new progress pics up every Monday!

1 comment:

Kimberley said...

Yay for your loss! It is really empowering to do good things for yourself.

Keep on keeping on!!!