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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just noticed I haven't updated, still going strong.

Even though I haven't cheated I am still stuck weight loss wise @ 2lbs! Oh so frustrating it has been a month and nothing scale or size wise!  I am almost ok with this although I have had a few moments of "what for" I have had cravings with these moments. Thoughts of carb binge-ing. Also smoking cravings, I just think why be so good if Its not helping!

I feel good, is this not something? It is. It is a big something, but when You are 315lbs and "should" be losing huge pounds every week, that gets pushed in a corner for that self pity moment.

I do feel good I have had a few dizzy spells but other than that I have been fine. I am not loaded with energy or anything. I just feel fine.

Here are some pics from last Monday I should have already posted.

Me getting ready to have the time of my life roller skating.
I had so much Fun!

Not seeing much of a change. Hopefully soon!

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