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Monday, January 2, 2012

Boy Do I feel Blah..

I would love some energy, some spark, some something! I could letterly stare at the wall, that is how much energy I have! I had a 10 or so minute nap while my oldest son was building a lego set. I would think that would help me out but I still feel like crap.

But wait their is good news! I am down to 315lbs! Only one more pound before I reach my next goal! I went back to the very first blog post I weighed in @ 348lbs so that is 33lbs gone and over 52lbs total from last year!

I still have my big goal of 299lbs, but I am working on mini goals to get me their. My goal right now is 314lbs. Also once I hit 299 I will have another big goal I am thinking 275 or around their.

I am getting so close to the two hundreds I am hoping that will motivate me even more. Being 300 plus pounds is not what I want for me or my family. 

1 comment:

lisa~sunshine said...

Where have you been? I hope things are going well still and your sticking with it all.. Enjoy your weekend..