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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Down Some!

Well I am down to 317lbs! So for my next goal is 314 or 3 more pounds! Goals are awesome! I need to take more time for my goals. I have just been so tired all the time. My body seems to still be fighting the same infection and my meds just make me so darn blah.

I am about to go threw my meds and sort them into 2 groups. I usually take them all at once at night, but I am having to take one in the morning which is throwing me threw a loop. I am going to take the ones that make me blah at night and that others in the morning. I hope by doing that I can start to feel like a halfway normal person.

My new years diet plans are to stick with the sandwiches for breakfast lunch and all snacks and eat a descent supper. Also to stop drinking coke! I had one from last night I finished off, so now I am drinking water.

I also have some Brand spanking new1-1-12 pics! Sorry they are so yellow! I also need to learn photography!

Next time I will do something with my hair! lol

My least favorite picture
Well happy 2012!


lisa~sunshine said...

Great job at getting into the teens.. I know the little goals have really helped me a lot during my journey.. and my weightloss has been SUPER slow as well..

RanVan said...

Good luck on your journey! I look forward to hearing more! I just started as of January 1st my journey of losing 100 pounds in a year! Check out my blog: if you are interested in following my journey and giving some helpful hints!