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Monday, January 16, 2012

Well Life takes over.

I have been feeling really good lately, much better than last month!  I haven't been "dieting" like I should but I have reduced my food intake all but the last few days, I have been a piglet. So today I am back to my diet.

I am super excited to be back, and although I took a lil break the last couple of weeks I cant wait to get to my goal of 299! Being out of the 300's is going to be awesome. I actually feel like working out a lil. Maybe even getting the courage up to go to the gym, MAYBE. 

I got a gadget for my bike that will tell me how far I have gone, now all I need is a bigger seat! I also got a pedometer so I will be walking more hopefully. 

My sandwich diet is in the toilet I haven't had one in a week in fact I have ate out every meal for the last week. So I am going back to that today. My wallet will thank me! My obsession with drinking large quantity's  of coke is really my biggest problem right now. I know I will feel better once I stop and I just know I will lose a lot of weight (well hopefully). So I would love to snap my fingers and stop but it is my crutch it is my energy my life blood! I keep saying I will stop but I haven't which pisses me off.  

If I say I will do something I should do it! It is not air I do not have to have it yet I still buy some several times a day. My husband also brings me home a huge glass every night after work. It is so hard to quit a habit when it is always in your home. I can ask for him to not bring it in the house but he see's that as unfair to him. Because he is not the one with the problem.

That is BS because he is not skinny, and he is just as addicted as I am. That is why he throws such a hissy fit when I bring up the subject. Well I have goals and I feel as though my husband is against me bettering my self in any major way. He has confessed to me recently that he is afraid I will leave him if I lost a lot of weight. That was a big statement from him and I am glad he told me how he feels. 

So for the next week my goals are to 
* Eat at least 2 sandwiches a day
* Cook at least 3 times making enough to freeze
* Stop drinking coke 
* Take my meds like I should
* Walk my new dog (although he walks in circles ahhh)
* Use my new weight loss gadgets
* Buy a better (bigger) seat for my bike
* Keep my home company ready

Yoda Vader Miller!
My friend gave him to me and all I could think was YES I can walk him for exercise! 

Have a great day!

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