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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 8

No make up 

So I um have gained weight? I kinda knew it would happen but I really thought it would be a pound or two not 7! But I am drinking lots of water and I am not eating carbs! Well not many carbs, usually under 10 a day.  So to recap I lost 12 and gained back 7 in week one. I got on the scale this morning to see I had magically lost 5 pounds over night!  So Back at 10lb loss this week not shabby!

Not really sure what is going on with my body but I hope I can continue to lose weight. I was heart broken to see 312lbs last night. This morning I was 307, Can I tell you how excited I am to almost be in the two hundreds! I cant wait! Super excited! Lowest I have got was 305lb, but here is to hoping this week is the week!

My diabetes is Off the charts better than it was I am in the 140 range when "before" (I think ill be saying this a lot :-) it was around 350's. So one of the side effects of dropping blood sugar like that is loss of vision. This is not good in any way I am scared out my damn mind. I have on 3.50 reading glasses, I cant see and details my computer is set to 175 zoom. In the past when this has happened (never this bad) It has gotten better with time.  And I hope and pray to god, Really pray with everything I have this gets a lest a lil better.

I am just to the point were I am ready for this weight to start falling off! I know I need to exercise but my energy aint their yet, I still feel a lil off.  My cravings are getting a lil worse I think. Could be my own falt, I had my biggest craving today day 8. I went to Sonic "The drink stop" were I used to go everyday for a large coke and man oh man did the coke look good in the picture! I was panting. I rember the taste and the feel of a fresh coke. I need to get over it. I hope one day really soon Ill say coke? Yuck! Do you know how bad for you coke is? lol But not today, today I drool. BTW I got water!

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cb_steve said...

Don't feel too bad about a gain ( or too proud over a loss). I read recently the human body is tantamount to a water pump, so you can easily fluctuate + or - 5 to 10 pounds overnight in just water weight. Fat loss is the real goal, and the downward trend shows you're on your way!