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Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Big Goal....

 My weight this a.m. is 333lbs!!! Back to were I started from a few weeks ago now. My husband says I look like I have lost weight! He is so sweet. Last time I did No Carb I started at 317lbs and got down to 303lbs before it had crept back up to 318lbs when I quit.

 Eating a high fat high carb diet was no fun. It was guilt every time I put something in my mouth or in my cart at the grocery store. I would come up with an excuse for if someone where to see me with what I call NON real food.  It was doing something wrong all the time, It did not feel to good.

 So basically I gained 15lbs in just a few months in-between my no carb diets. All I want in this world right now is to get below 300lbs. I wanna see that 299lbs. I know it dont seem like a big goal but for me it is huge. My husbands never even seen me under 300lbs and I for one thank it is time he does. 

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