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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Update restart Zero Carbs

I came to update my blog and found all my pictures gone.  Not sure I want to continue to use blogger. Those pictures mean a great deal to me. I was really documenting my life in a way. My other blog had years of pictures I am so sad!

I did do my no carb diet for a total of 2 months. I gave up because I never lost any weight. 3 months later I am back on the wagon. I am trying to say I do not care about the weight loss this time I just want to feel good again. Which is true but 2 weeks in and I have gained 6 pounds that is hard right their. But I have this fabulous energy and my keto stick is dark purple  I still feel kinda funky but I am getting better by the day I think. I have bought a treadmill and have used the punching bad a few times. Defiantly getting out more and playing with the kids more.

My sleep is starting to get back to normal no carb mode which is about 10-6. instead of 2-12 or 1. Right now it is 2am and I just woke up wide awake.  I have been having bad mood swings today I was in a rage for a good bit and ppl driving really pissed me off. especially when I am trying to get over and they speed up to block me that is rude! I could understand if I was trying to cut line or something but That happen twice to me today and I was so mad I just got over anyway and put my brakes on.
My starting weight this time was 333 right now I am at 339. You know I dont want to hit that 340!

Prego belly I am surprised I don't get ask how far along I am.
I think id deserve it.

I think their are things in my jacket pocket. not sure what besides keys.

Ryan is still down a bunch from his Paleo diet.

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