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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random Low No Carb Post

Blood pressure is 97/87, pulse 76,  Blood sugar 212
1/3 of a mile on the treadmill about 50 calories burned

My food for the day is...
6 fried eggs (not all at once lol)
2 oz bacon
bulletproof coffee
pat of real butter
3 beef hot dogs
1/3 of a banana (I felt very sick thought it might be low bs or just bs dropping to fast)
2 bites of skinless chicken breast, I might finish later.
Calories 1460, carbs 10 banana:-(, fat 134, protein 55,
Sorry no picture order here.

Brisket steak yumm $2.48 a pound plus lots of fat.

This was supposed to be my supper not sure if I will finish it.

This is in the oven doing it thang. Yes I said Thang lol

My thanksgiving decor.

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