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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daily Stats!

* My Blood sugar is 198
* My weight is ???
* My Fat grams intake is 87
* My calorie intake is 1,116
* My carb Intake is 20

This would be a good day if I was low carbing but I am not. I need to go shopping. I also need to use up some things that I have. When I do go shopping I want to buy low fat. I went for a walk this moroning and it was just under 30 degrees. I did 2 loads of clothes hung the out to dry, then took a nap. I started taking my meds again and my fluid pill always makes me feel like crap. So I have been lying around feeling sorry for myself.

I am gong to wait a few days to get back on the scale I want it to go down some more. If I was to look right now I would be up a few pounds I am sure.  I am off to bed!

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