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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Week Later..

Nothings really changed, I am still weighing in at 321'lbs. Although I am taking my meds everyday, that is more than likely the reason for this last week. I have been feeling very very blah. My house even got to the point were I was scared someone might come over! In fact someone did knock on my door! Luckly it was just my youngest sons church driver and he doesn't come in. But after that happened I got up and cleaned the whole house.

It has been months cents I let my house get so dirty that I was afraid of someone dropping by. It is so nice to have your house "guest ready"! And that will be one of my goals. I know it sounds like that has nothing to do with weight loss but for me it does. For me a clean house lets me clear my head to focus on the weight loss. Plus who don't love a clean house and it can burn a few calories!

Until I get used to my meds again I expect to feel pretty dazed and funky. But after that Ill be fine and back to normal. I am still afraid to go to the gym. I am still drinking coke although much less. I had a 2L yesterday but other than that 1 I haven't had that much in the last week.

The sandwich diet I have talked about before is in the works so to speak. I am trying but I had some hamburger to use up so I cooked a couple of burgers and made some chili and some taco meat that I already ate. The good news is I learned my youngest will eat chili If I put mac and cheese in it! We had some mac and cheese my husband had made and the chili so after 2 days of not eating my chili I put the mac in it and my youngest finely ate it! I still had a lot left even after us eating on it for a few days so I bagged it up for the freezer in 2 portions each. Now I have about 5 suppers for the kids for when mommy is eating her sandwiches.

If I could cook batch meals once a week like that my kids will be eating great! I am very in to batch cooking right now but eating sandwiches has put a big kink in that. But I can still do it for my kids so they can have hearty healthy meals.

My goals are..
Keep home ''company ready"
Lose 2 pound this week 319
Eat more sandwiches
Batch cook one meal this week
Drink even less coke.

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