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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Binge eating.

* My Blood sugar is 333
* My weight is ???
* My Fat grams intake is 92
* My calorie intake is 2632
* My carb Intake is 268

Wow this is so crazy, yesterday I was not that hungry today I ate ate and ate. Started with breakfast I got a pancakes with sausage from McDonald's (almost 700 calories) Then for lunch my husband took me to the Chinese buffet (1400 calories?) Supper and snack was another 500 calories.

You know what they should have a Chinese buffet diet! I am so trademarking that right now! I dont know a fat person alive that would not put out their hard earned money on that diet. Too bad it would not work! Because that would be awesome! Rice diet lmao!

I did do a lot of walking to day, first shopping with my husband for a couple of hours then I did my brisk walk to pick up my young-ens. My husband gave me the your crazy look for walking to get the kids. I just dont know what the heck is wrong with ppl I am the crazy one for walking? I dont think so you drive half a minute to the store right across the street! DO NOT look at me like I am the crazy one!

Oh and a drank a 2 liter and a large coke from mcdonalds. So not only did I binge eat I binge drank also. I know one reason is because I am still not taking my meds. I will have to get back into the routine of that. Another reason was not eating enough calories yesterday, also not enough sleep. But the biggest reason was I should have stayed out of the restaurants!

Here is to tomorrow being a lot better day!

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